How to plant Schizostylis

Schizostylis (or Kaffir Lily) rhizomes are hardy down to -10C, so can be planted direct outside in spring but may require winter protection in colder areas.

— Plant your Schizostylis rhizomes straight outside between March and May. They are best planted as soon as possible while fresh, providing the soil isn’t frozen.

— Soak the rhizomes in water for 3-6 hours prior to planting.

— Choose a spot in full sun or partial shade and which is sheltered from wind.

— Grow in borders or containers - they prefer a moist but well-drained soil and are often grown close to water in soil which doesn’t become fully dry during summer. If planting in containers, we recommend using a peat-free multipurpose compost.

— Plant the rhizomes 10-15cm deep, with visible shoots facing upwards.

— Space the rhizomes about 15-20cm apart or slightly closer in pots for a full display.

— Water-in after planting, and keep well hydrated throughout the growing season, not allowing to dry out at any point.

— Schizostylis may take a year to establish before flowering, then will return every year.

— In cooler areas, it is advisable to protect them with a thick mulch in the winter.

Planting instructions