How to plant Rosa bare roots

— Plant your rose bare roots in spring as soon as possible after delivery.

— Soak the roots in water for 3-12 hours prior to planting.

— Plant into a patio pot which allows sufficient space for the roots to grow. A pot which is 20-30cm in diameter should be suitable for the first 1-3 years, it may need potting up in future.

— You can also plant directly into a space in a border which has been freshly cleared and dug-over.

Roses which are intended for a border at a later date should be planted into temporary pots on arrival and can be transplanted into the border when you are ready.

— Ensure the roots are planted fully in multipurpose or soil-based compost, the top growth should be left exposed above the soil surface.

— Water your rose straight after planting.

— Roses are fully hardy and will be happiest outside all year round.

— Water throughout the growing season whenever the soil feels dry.

— Potted roses benefit from a fortnightly feed with general-purpose plant food. Alternatively, you can include some slow-release fertiliser in the compost when potting.

— In autumn, roses will naturally lose their leaves. During winter is a good time to prune your rose, snipping off any dead wood and trimming down any long stems so that the plant maintains a bushy shape.

— For roses in pots, top up or partly replace with fresh compost during winter ahead of the next growing season.

Planting instructions