How to plant Chlidanthus

Chlidanthus are tender perennials and must be kept frost-free in order to thrive. They are ideally started off indoors in spring and can be moved outside in the summer.

— Grow indoors in spring, potting up in individual 9cm pots or cell trays between March and May. You can transplant Chlidanthus outside from May onwards. Alternatively, you can plant them directly into patio containers and grow them on in a warm greenhouse in spring, or you can plant them straight outside in May.

— Plant the bulbs around 5-10cm deep with the pointed side facing upwards.

— Space the bulbs around 10-15cm apart in borders, or (5-8cm) in patio pots, or one per 9cm pot if growing on to transplant later.

— When planting outdoors, choose a sheltered position in full sun with free-draining soil.

— If planting in patio containers, use a free-draining compost such as multipurpose or soil-based with added sand or grit.

— Water-in after planting and continue to water regularly when in growth when the soil appears to be dry. Don’t allow the dormant bulbs to sit in constantly wet soil.

— Chlidanthus are best grown in containers where they can be moved to a sheltered location for winter. Bulbs planted in borders should be lifted and stored in a cool and frost-free place until the following spring.

— After flowering, remove the stems but leave the foliage intact. Cut back foliage to ground level in autumn before moving them indoors.

Planting instructions