How to plant Dracunculus

Dracunculus are half hardy, tolerating temperatures down to -5C. It is safest to start them off in frost-free conditions in spring, although in mild or coastal areas they can usually be planted directly outside.

— Plant directly into a clear, well-dug space in a border or patio container between March and May. If temperatures are likely to dip below -5C during spring, you can start them off in pots in a cool greenhouse or wait until early May to plant them directly outside.

— Dracunculus like rich, free draining soil and a sheltered position in full sun or partial shade.

— Plant the bulbs with the shoots facing upwards, around 5-10cm deep in borders or patio containers. If planting in containers, you can use multipurpose compost.

— Space the bulbs around 10-15cm apart from each other.

— Water-in after planting and continue to water regularly when in growth in the first year. Avoid giving them too much water while the bulbs are still dormant allow the soil to dry out a little before watering again.

— Dracunculus sometimes take a year to establish before they flower, in the first year they may only produce leaves.

Planting instructions