Terms & conditions

Updated: 29 March 2024

These terms and conditions apply to all orders within our shipping range, which includes the UK and EU countries. It’s important to read these terms as they set out what is expected by you as a customer, as well as us as a business.

  • These terms also include helpful information, but of course you can contact customercare@farmergracy.com anytime if you require any further information or assistancewe’re always happy to help.
  • These terms are sometimes updated, so please check each time you shop as the latest terms will apply to your order.
  • These terms do not affect your statutory rights.

About us

Farmer Gracy Ltd is a company registered in the UK, our company number is 11663775 and our VAT number is 318 6750 84.

Correspondence by mail should be sent to our HQ in the Netherlands:

Farmer Gracy Ltd
Herenweg 436
2211 VJ Noordwijkerhout
The Netherlands

All email enquiries should be sent to customercare@farmergracy.com, or you can call customer care on 0330 808 7304.

Our website www.farmergracy.co.uk offers for sale Farmer Gracy products only. Goods supplied are not for resale.

Placing an order

When you are placing an order with us, payment will be taken at time of ordering. You can use any of the payment methods accepted on our website. We accept your order once payment has been approved and you will be sent an order confirmation email, which includes the details of your order. You must check that all the details of your order and the address shown on the order confirmation email (which is the address entered at checkout) is full and correct and notify us straight away if you need to make any changes.


All items are subject to availability. Upon payment, your chosen items are reserved for your order which will be shipped at the correct time for planting. In case of a crop failure or early deterioration of bulbs/plants, or for any other reason why all or part of your order cannot be supplied, you will be refunded in full for the item(s). Any remaining items in the order will be sent.

Changing an order

You may be able to change an order once it has been placed. Timings depend on how soon your order is due to be shipped at the time the order has been placed. Once an order has been placed, please submit any changes by email to customercare@farmergracy.com or call us on 0330 808 7304. Due to logistical reasons, we cannot always make changes to an order less than 14 days before your order is due to be shipped. To make changes to an order after it has been shipped, you will need to return any unwanted items and re-order. Please note that we do not offer free returns, and any postage charges incurred for returning items will not be reimbursed. Please contact customercare@farmergracy.com before returning any items.  

Cancelling an order

You may be able to cancel an order before it is shipped. Timings depend on the stage in our shipping season and whether your order has been processed and prepared for shipment. Please contact customercare@farmergracy.com as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your order. Due to logistical reasons, we cannot always prevent an order from being shipped if we are notified of the cancellation less than 14 days before it is due to be shipped.

If you wish to cancel all or part of your order after it has been processed, shipped or delivered, you must notify customercare@farmergracy.com within 14 days of delivery.  You will then be required to return the order, or any unwanted items, for a refund. We do not offer free returns, so please be aware that the return postage will be at your cost and will not be reimbursed. Please contact customercare@farmergracy.com who will provide details for returning your order.

The parcel or unwanted items should be returned to us in good condition and with their original packaging.

Prices & payment

Prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Payment is taken at time of ordering, once payment has been confirmed you have entered a contract with us. You will only own the goods once they are successfully delivered. An order can be rejected or cancelled by us in some circumstances, for example if incorrect postage is paid, payment method is not accepted, crop failure of your selected item(s) or your delivery address is outside of our shipping area.

If there is a pricing error on the website (for example, if prices are shown as zero), we reserve the right to remove the item from your order and offer you the option to order it at the correct price. Any other price variations will not apply to existing orders. We will not be liable to supply any product at an incorrectly stated price to orders which have not yet been placed.

Sales and further reductions may be introduced as we progress through the shipping season. Pending orders cannot have the price paid for an order reduced/refunded to match sale prices, but depending on whether your order has been processed you may be able to cancel and re-order from the current sale. Please see section on cancelling an order for more information. If your order has already been processed and prepared for shipment, the order will be sent to you and you will be required to return it for a refund if you wish to cancel. As we ship all orders in the order in which they were placed, re-ordering later does mean your delivery time will be later, in line with all other orders being placed at that time and there may be some items which are no longer available. 

If we have made an agreement to send a replacement order to you which includes the same items you originally ordered, we are not liable to refund any price adjustments which may be in effect during a sale we are running at the time.

Offers, discount codes & vouchers

All offers are subject to availability. Valid offer codes can be applied at checkout, and offer codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, which means that only one offer code can be used per order. Discount codes can be applied within the valid timeframe and end dates apply to most offers. Expiry dates of all offers can be found within the associated Farmer Gracy branded advertising or marketing material. If you are unsure when your offer code expires, please feel free to contact customercare@farmergracy.com for more information.

Discount codes can't be used to add items to an existing order. Offers can't be redeemed against gift cards or previously placed orders. Offers exclude delivery charges, except for free postage offers. Please note that we are not associated with any third party discount or voucher code websites and are not obliged to honour discounts which are promoted without our permission when they are not valid or have expired.

Gift cards

Gift cards are sent by Royal Mail and normally take 3-5 business days to arrive, postage charges apply. The gift card code is unique and can only be used by the recipient. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Discount codes are not applicable on purchases of gift cards. If you have ordered a gift card and would like to cancel your order for a refund, please contact customercare@farmergracy.com – providing the gift card has a full balance, your order will be refunded. There is no right to cancel gift cards once they have been used in part or full. Farmer Gracy cannot accept responsibility for gift cards if they are lost or stolen after they have been successfully delivered.

If you have received a gift card and do not wish to spend it all at once, you don’t have to! Remaining credit may be used on future orders. Our gift cards have no expiry date and can be used anytime. Gift cards can be used with one other valid offer code. Returned or faulty items purchased with a gift card will be credited back to your gift card balance, or you will be offered replacements as an alternative.

Descriptions & images

We provide images, descriptions and specifications for all plant varieties in our range. As plants are a natural product and adapt to their conditions (due to light levels, soil type, moisture etc) they can vary in appearance and size slightly when compared with the images, descriptions and specifications shown on our website.

Natural variations relating to plants and bulbs

Plants and bulbs can vary slightly in colour, height and growing habit from season to season and in different growing conditions. We provide images and a description which give a clear idea of how the plants will grow and appear in bloom or once established. Natural variations can occur in terms of colour, size and markings on leaves and flowers, and also colours may differ slightly to those shown on your screen. Plant or bulb details and measurements are approximate and are provided for guidance only.

Bulbs/plant collections

The varieties we use in our bulb collections may change from year to year, as we always source the best quality bulbs possible and select from those the most suitable for the collection. Therefore, colours in mixed collections of unnamed varieties may vary slightly from those shown in our images. In collections where named varieties are not mentioned, you can expect there to be some colours or hues which do not match those shown in the image. Plant or bulb details and measurements are approximate and are provided for guidance only.


You’ll be charged only once for delivery on your order, unless your order qualifies for free delivery.

To ensure you receive the best quality plants and bulbs, we will ship them to you after they have been harvested and prepared at the correct time, and at a suitable time for planting. As bulbs and bare roots need to be harvested at the correct time and in favourable weather conditions, this sometimes means you’re they will be dispatched earlier or later than expected. Sometimes the shipping of your order will be delayed slightly due to factors including harvest times, weather, government sanctions, inspections and customs delays. We work hard to process all orders as quickly as possible during shipping season and try to stick to our schedule. However, delivery times provided on our shipping schedule and order confirmation emails are estimated and are not guaranteed.

All items in your order will be shipped together. The shipping season for summer flowering bulbs is between mid February and mid May. The shipping season for spring flowering bulbs is between late August and early December. If you place a pre-order (outside of shipping seasons) we will ship your order as soon as possible once the shipping season commences. Please see shipping schedule for estimated dispatch times.

The address will be printed on the label exactly as it is inputted on the online form when placing your order. We are not responsible for lost orders where the incorrect address has been supplied. Please ensure the full address, post code and phone number are full and correct so that your order can be delivered securely and on time.

We will send a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link when your order is shipped. Please contact customercare@farmergracy.com as soon as possible if you notice a delay on your tracking so we can help to rectify any problems.

If you will be away when your delivery is due, please notify us at least three weeks in advance of your departure so we can arrange to delay your shipment or to ship to an alternative delivery address.

Upon delivery, open your parcel immediately and open the packaging that the bulbs or plants are supplied in. Read through any instruction leaflets supplied in your parcel. Planting instructions for all plant types can also be found on our website.

Problems with your order on arrival

We, as the seller, have a legal duty to supply goods which are as described and fit for purpose. If you feel your items are not fit for purpose or as described, please email customercare@farmergracy.com within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

It may not be necessary for you to return damaged or faulty items. Please email us and include photos of any damaged items and we will advise the best course of action. Missing items or items which are deemed too badly damaged to thrive will be replaced or refunded. If we are currently out of stock of that item, we may offer a substitute. We are not obliged to honour claims that are made more than 14 days after receipt of the damaged product, or for products which have been planted. After 14 days from the date which the order was delivered, the customer is deemed to have approved and accepted the products delivered.

See refund policy for further information.

Refund policy

    Damaged/faulty items

      We advise that parcels and packaging are opened on arrival. Please notify us by sending an email to customercare@farmergracy.com within 14 days of receiving your parcel to let us know about any items have arrived damaged or are not fit for purpose. You may not need to return the items, but you will be required to send a photo of the item(s) so it can be assessed by our horticultural experts. If the item is deemed unviable or too badly damaged to thrive, you will be issued a refund or replacements will be arranged if available.

        Returning your order

          Due to the nature of our products, we ask you to contact us first before returning any items. Our staff will be glad to help resolve any issues. You can contact us by emailing customercare@farmergracy.com or by calling Customer Care on 0330 808 7304. We do not offer free returns, so the return postage will be at your cost.

          Should there be anything wrong with the items you have ordered and received, please notify us within 14 days of receipt by sending an email to customercare@farmergracy.com or by calling Customer Care on 0330 808 7304 and we will be happy to resolve any issues. Depending on the circumstances, you may not need to return items to us.

          If you have changed your mind about your order and wish to return it in part or full, you can do so within 30 days of receipt and a refund will be issued. Please contact customercare@farmergracy.com within 14 days of delivery if you decide to return your order in part or full and we will provide you with further instructions. Once items are returned, a refund will be issued.

            Failure of bulbs and plants

              Farmer Gracy takes responsibility for the gardening elements within control. Since we have no control over the weather, pests, sunlight, moisture and similar regional factors that may impact the growth of flower bulbs and plants in your garden, we cannot guarantee that your flower bulbs will grow under all conditions and in all climates.

              Requirements of bulb and plant varieties do vary and can be very specific. Full growing instructions for each plant type are provided on our website. We take no responsibility if your bulbs and plants fail due to being grown in the incorrect conditions, planted at the incorrect time, the instructions are not followed or if they are not provided proper horticultural care. We will not be liable for poor performance or failure of bulbs or plants supplied, due to a cause beyond our control, for example pests, diseases, weather and incorrect growing conditions.

              In the case of failure to grow, we request that you notify us by emailing customercare@farmergracy.com within six months of the order being delivered, or at the time when the plants should be in growth. It is helpful if you can provide a description or photo of the current condition or growth of the bulbs or plants so that our horticultural experts can advise accordingly. If it is deemed that the plants have indeed failed due to poor plant health or quality, you will be credited or replacements will be arranged.

              Incorrect flowering

              If your plants or bulbs flower the wrong colour or you discover you have been sent the incorrect variety, please contact customercare@farmergracy.com including photos. You will be offered replacements or a credit note if you have been sent the wrong variety by mistake. This may not apply to cases where the correct plant varieties have been supplied, but are showing slight colour variations.

              Plant info


                  All ornamental plants we offer should be handled carefully and should not be consumed. We provide information on plant toxicity to humans where known. Where there is no information on toxicity, this may not necessarily mean the plant is completely harmless when handled or if consumed. Many plants varieties are toxic or harmful to pets. If you have a pet, we recommend researching your plant choices prior to confirming your order.

                    Pest resistance

                      We provide information on pest resistance where known. Please note that whilst some varieties typically display a good level of pest resistance and may not be favourable to critters such as rodents, deer, slugs and rabbits, they can still suffer pest damage in some circumstances.

                        Flowering times

                          We ship to many different countries and some will have warmer average temperatures than others. Temperatures and light levels do affect the growth rate of plants, so please expect for flowering times to vary slightly. We have included flowering times to give a rough idea of which months your plants are likely to be looking their best once established.

                          Forwarding plants and bulbs to other countries

                          Orders destined to your chosen delivery country should not be forwarded to other countries where there are restrictions on plant imports. We are not responsible if your plants are confiscated or held at customs after they have been forwarded to another country, and cannot supply phytosanitary certification or other documentation for them to be released.


                          All images and written content on www.farmergracy.co.uk, Farmer Gracy social media channels and paperwork are property of Farmer Gracy Ltd. No material on the website or social media channels can be used without our written permission.

                          Your details

                          We store certain details so that we can send your order to you and contact you if necessary. We will contact you with updates about an order you have placed, or if there are any problems. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, we will also send you news and offers by email. Read more about the data we hold on our GDPR compliance page and Privacy Policy.


                          If you have a valid claim regarding the poor quality or condition of the goods you have received from us, you have notified us within 14 days of receipt and, if required, returned the goods to us, you can choose a refund or free-of-charge replacements (if replacements are available).

                          Our liability is limited to the purchase price of the item. We shall not be responsible for any expenses involved with growing or storing bulbs or plants once they are in your possession, or loss of anticipated profit that your business may suffer.

                          We reserve the right to make changes to the goods we have available at any time. Images, descriptions and plant specifications may be updated from time to time as we continually endeavour to improve our offering and accuracy of details provided. Whilst we aim to make our information and imagery as accurate as possible, slight variations regarding colour and growth habit must be expected.

                          Your decision to purchase from Farmer Gracy Ltd confirms your acknowledgment and acceptance of our terms and conditions.


                          If you wish to complain about our service or products, please contact customercare@farmergracy.com who will be happy to work with you to resolve any issues.

                          Other legal info

                          • These terms are subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
                          • Third Party Rights No one other than a party to this agreement shall have any right to enforce any of its terms.