How to plant Geranium

Geranium are fully hardy and can be planted directly outside in the spring, they don’t require any frost protection over winter.

— Plant them straight into a clear, cultivated space in borders in spring or into patio containers. Alternatively, you can plant them into temporary pots to grow on without competition for a few months before planting out later in the season.

— Soak the roots in water for 3-6 hours prior to planting out or potting up.

— Plant the roots so that they are fully submerged with the buds or crown just below the surface and any top growth or leaves exposed.

— Choose a position in full sun or partial shade for your geraniums. They prefer a free-draining soil. If planting in containers, you can use soil-based or multipurpose compost.

— Space the plants 20-30cm apart

— Water-in after planting and keep hydrated when in growth in the first year. Once established, geraniums typically don’t need much additional water.

— Cut back stems and foliage down to ground level in autumn. You can also cut them back in mid-summer after flowering which sometimes encourages them to flower again in late summer if the weather is favourable

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Planting instructions