How to plant Sparaxis

Sparaxis corms are tender and must be protected from frost. They should be grown on indoors or in a greenhouse in the spring, or planted directly outside after risk of frost has passed.

— Plant your Sparaxis corms between March and May and grow on in warm, frost-free conditions. Growing them on first will give them a head start, they can then be planted out in a sunny, sheltered spot after risk of frost has passed in your area. Alternatively, they can be planted directly outside in early May.

— Choose a spot in full sun with a fertile but very well-drained soil. If growing in containers, we recommend using multipurpose compost with a little added sand or grit to aid drainage.

— Plant the corms 15-20cm deep with the pointed side facing upwards.

— Space the corms about 10-15cm apart from each other.

— Water-in after planting and keep hydrated while in growth. While the bulbs are still dormant, it is best to allow the soil to become almost dry before watering again.

— After flowering, spent flowerheads can be cut back, but allow foliage to die down naturally to replenish the corms.

— To overwinter the corms, lift them before temperatures cool down in the autumn and allow to dry off in a warm place for a few days, before trimming off any remaining foliage. Then store in a cool, dark, but frost-free place before replanting the following spring.

Planting instructions