How to grow Ferraria

Ferraria corms are tender perennials and must be protected from frost. They can be enjoyed outdoors during the summer months or kept as an unusual indoor plant.

— Plant your Ferraria bulbs between March and May and grow on in frost-free conditions. When temperatures are fairly consistently between 15-25C during the day and 12-18C at night, they can be positioned outdoors in a sheltered, partially shaded spot.

— Ferraria corms look like smooth pebbles. Plant with the slightly pointed side facing upwards, and the flat or concave side facing downwards. If it is difficult to see which side is which, plant the corm on its side and shoots will make their way upwards.

— We recommend growing Ferraria containers so that they can easily be brought into frost-free conditions for winter. A potting mix of 50% peat-free multipurpose compost with 50% perlite or horticultural grit is recommended.

— Plant the bulbs 10-15cm deep in containers at a spacing of 10cm apart from each other.

— Water-in after planting and keep hydrated while in growth, not allowing the compost to dry out or become waterlogged at any point. Don’t allow the bulbs to sit dormant in cold or constantly wet soil.

— The bulbs normally start to sprout during July and flowers appear in late Summer.

— When temperatures begin to drop to less than 15C in autumn, move the container indoors for winter. Alternatively, once they have started to die back you can lift and store the bulbs in a tray or open paper bags for winter.

Planting instructions