The Farmer Gracy Story

“Founded on passion, supported by innovation,
from the 19th century till today.”

Farmer Gracy is the English face of a famous Dutch bulb-growing family. To outline in detail the generations worth of plant growing and plant breeding achievements starting in 1882 when our horticultural dynasty began would be absolutely impossible, but we will try to tell you about just a few of them. After all, it’s this rich heritage that makes Farmer Gracy what it is today.

First it took courage,
then it was all about innovation

In the heart of the Dutch bulb growing district, certain family names are as much part of the landscape as the fields of flowering tulips in spring and the name “Rotteveel” would require no introduction there. After all, it was here that the Rotteveel family began making its mark on the Dutch bulb industry as far back as 1882.

Grandfather Rotteveel was a local businessman and he knew all the best growers in the district. He wasn’t a man to miss out on opportunity and soon realized that there was potential for marketing bulbs in the USA and Canada. In down-to-earth Dutch style, he would catch buses and trains or even ride a bicycle to get around during his business visits to North America.

Keeping it in the Family

Four generations on, and the Rotteveels are still covering the global market for Dutch bulbs in a variety of different ways and the fifth generation is just getting started in business.

Grandfather Rotteveel inspecting the fields in 1882.

It’s testament to the Dutch horticultural industry’s recognition of the Rotteveels that the family holds several exhibitions at the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens. Here, master plantsmen and women create a display of dazzling colour that draws visitors from all walks of life (even royalty) and from all around the world each spring.

In the world’s best bulb-growing circles, the Rotteveels are indeed well-known, and that gives them an inside edge when it comes to accessing the best bulbs and top varieties from all the best bulb growers in the Netherlands and around the world. It was this unique competitive position that led to the latest development in the Rotteveel dynasty’s story.

Farmer Gracy Comes to the UK

There’s more to the business of horticulture than horticulture itself, and so it was that Hans Rotteveel and Jasper van den Berg brought their expertise in the field of branding, sustainable packaging and online marketing into the equation. But they didn’t only want to explore the most modern marketing methods. They also wanted to explore a market that was new to them.

The choice was easy, and their reasoning was simple:

They knew that if there’s one country (other than The Netherlands) that really appreciates flowers and gardening, it’s the U.K. What if gardeners could shop for flower bulbs direct from the Rotteveels’ network of growers? Wouldn’t that make the cities, suburbs and country gardens bloom more beautifully than ever?

And so, Farmer Gracy was born. Love for horticulture and a love for technology combines in this website, and those who are passionate about flowers can now treat their gardens to the highest quality Dutch bulbs sent straight from the farm in the heart of the Dutch flower-growing district.

Maintaining the Tradition. Caring for the Future

At Farmer Gracy, our aim is to provide UK gardeners with the most exclusive flower bulb varieties available on the market. Further, we want to be sure they’re cultivated in a sustainable and responsible manner.

  • In the Spring, we go hunting new varieties in the famous Keukenhof park on a daily basis. It’s our favourite office, and it helps us to evaluate how new varieties perform over the whole spring season.
  • We still pack all our flower bulbs by hand to ensure the highest quality standards and we care for the environment with our recyclable packaging and other sustainability initiatives.

We believe that Grandfather Rotteveel would be proud of Farmer Gracy, and we work hard to uphold his values, spread his love of gardens and gardening, and set our customers up for success with nothing but the very best bulbs the international horticultural industry has to offer!

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