The Farmer Gracy Mission

At Farmer Gracy, our main aim is to provide UK and EU gardeners with the most exclusive flower bulbs and bare-root perennials available. Further, we work hard to be sure our bulbs and plants are cultivated, processed and packed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Those who are passionate about flowers can now treat their gardens to world class flower bulbs and perennials sent straight from the farms in the heart of the Dutch flower-growing district. Enjoy receiving our beloved boxes of bulbs and plants with a clear conscience!

Maintaining the tradition, caring for the future.

Gracy CaresHow green does your garden grow? Nowadays, we're interested in more than just the colour of foliage—we're also aware of the need for sustainability. Gardeners have a lot in common. We're nature-lovers and we're in touch with the earth. We want to preserve its beauty for future generations, and that means limiting consumption of natural resources, neutralizing our carbon footprint, and avoiding the use of pollutants and toxins as far as we can. We are here to support you in your drive towards sustainable living—and we can offer you more than just promises. Let's count the ways in which we help you to make the world a better place for all.

Carbon‑neutral delivery

Our contributions fund cutting-edge carbon removal projects that have the potential to reverse climate change. Every time you place an order, you will indirectly support some of the most promising climate solutions on the planet.

We are proud to be the first plant and flower bulb supplier able to:

— Ship carbon neutral;
— Remove atmospheric carbon;
— Store carbon for 1000+ years;
— Invest in reforestation;
— Invest in soil carbon storage.

Read more about how we manage to neutralise our CO₂ footprint.

Our packaging

Humanity has realized that it can't keep on chopping down trees and using products from the petrochemical industry to make throwaway packaging that just ends up in landfills. Farmer Gracy helps you to reduce waste by using recyclable and recycled materials for our packaging whenever we are able. Enjoy receiving your bags and boxes of bulbs with a clear conscience and pass the benefits forward by sorting the used packaging materials into your recycling bins.

Farmer Gracy storage

Warehousing and storage

Plant material in storage must be kept in conditions that may require heating or cooling systems to create the right environment. Farmer Gracy uses modern, energy-efficient techniques to keep our products in perfect health, and we're constantly on the lookout for the latest green technologies we can use to make our operation cleaner, greener, and more planet-friendly.

Farmer Gracy crates

Our employees

Being an equal-opportunity employer is part of sustainability, but Farmer Gracy goes the extra mile. We also want to see our staff limiting their carbon emissions. Our employees have access to free bikes they can use when travelling to and from work, and for those who live further away, we organize car-pooling and look for public transport options that will make the commute greener.

Farmer Gracy employee on a bicycle

Let's work together to save the planet

Gardening and the gardening industry haven't always been as planet friendly as they should be. Let's change all that. By working together for a better future, we make our contribution to the global drive towards sustainability. Share the love. Change the world for the better. Every bit counts. Farmer Gracy cares and so do you.

All the best,