How to plant Calochortus

Calochortus are tender perennials and must be kept away from frost. They are best started off in a cool greenhouse in the spring and protected from freezing winter conditions.

— Pot up in individual 9cm pots or cell trays, or plant into patio containers, between March and May (if your bulbs were supplied in spring) or between September and late November (if supplied in autumn). Position in a sheltered, sunny spot outdoors or unheated greenhouse. If outdoors, protect from frost and move under cover if temperatures fall below -2C.

— Plant the bulbs around 5-10cm deep with the pointed side facing upwards.

— Space the bulbs around 10-15cm apart in borders, or closer together (5-8cm) in patio pots for a fuller display.

— When planting outdoors, choose a sheltered position in full sun with free-draining soil.

— If planting in patio containers, use a free-draining compost such as multipurpose.

— Water-in after planting and continue to water regularly when in growth.

— Allow the soil to become almost dry between watering while the bulbs are still dormant, and don’t allow the dormant bulbs to sit in wet and cold soil.

— After flowering, remove the flower stems but leave the foliage intact. Move containers with Calochortus into a frost-free location for winter. Bulbs planted in borders should be lifted and stored in a cool but frost-free place until the following spring.

Planting instructions