How to plant Gloxinia / Sinningia

Gloxinia are tender perennials and therefore need to be protected from frost. They can be grown outdoors during the summer or as a house plant. If growing as an outdoor plant, it is necessary to start them off indoors in the spring first.

— Plant your Gloxinia tubers between March and May and grow on in warm, frost-free conditions. In your home or a greenhouse is ideal.

— Enjoy as a houseplant, or transplant (or move pots) outside to a warm, sheltered spot after risk of frost has passed in your area and summer temperatures are consistently mild.

— Choose a spot that is bright but out of direct sunlight – a north or east facing window is ideal. Keep away from hot, dry air produced by heat sources.

— Plant the tubers shallowly with the concave part or shoots facing upwards, covered by about 1cm of soil. You can use a multipurpose or soil-based compost.

— Space the tubers about 10-15cm apart from each other or grow in individual 12cm pots.

— Water-in after planting, and keep well hydrated throughout the growing season, not allowing to dry out or become waterlogged at any point.

— Remove spent flowerheads to encourage steady flower production during the season.

— Move outdoor Gloxinia into a frost-free location in autumn before temperatures drop.

Planting instructions