How to plant Lily / Lilium

Lilies have long been a popular choice - their magnificent, large and vibrant blooms plus incredible scent are of course a big attraction. When you grow them, you’ll find that they are very easy and low maintenance for something which looks so fabulously exotic. They’re versatile too – some are extremely tall and create an amazing immersive display, others look great in border and container displays. Wherever you grow them, they’ll be a real focal point in the garden, making a big impact to start the summer season with a bang. Lilies are categorised as trumpet, Oriental and Asiatic – all with their own unique charm.

Lily planting basics

Lilies are very easy to grow from bulbs. Simply plant them directly into rich, well-drained soil in spring or containers and leave them to it! If you’re growing tall varieties, planting them with stakes will prevent you from damaging your bulbs if the blooms need some support later in the season. In general, they’ll give you the best effect when you plant your bulbs in groups of 3-5 bulbs.

How to plant Lily bulbs

Lilies are fully hardy and can tolerate winter temperatures down to around -15C, which means you can plant them directly outside in borders or containers in the spring between March and May. There is no need to protect them from frost over winter.

— Choose a position in full sun or partial shade.

— Ensure the soil is well dug and free draining. If planting in containers, multipurpose compost or soil-based compost is ideal.

— Plant the bulbs around 15-20cm deep with the pointed side facing upwards.

— Space the bulbs around 15-20cm apart.

— Water-in after planting and keep hydrated once in growth. Avoid over watering while the bulbs are still dormant.

Planting instructions