How to plant Hedychium

Hedychium are tender perennials and should be kept away from frost. They must be started off indoors or in a greenhouse in the spring and will need to be lifted in autumn for winter storage.

— Plant each rhizome into an 8-10” pots with multipurpose compost between March and May and grow them on indoors or in a heated greenhouse. You can also plant the tubers directly outside into borders or patio containers in May.

— Plant the rhizomes lengthways as a depth of around 5-10cm. plant with the side which has most buds or ‘eyes’ facing upwards.

— If planting directly outside in May, space the bulbs around 30-60cm apart from each other. If planting in containers, you can plant them at a close spacing of 15-20cm.

— When planting outdoors, choose a sheltered position in full sun with free-draining soil. If you have grown on your Hedychium in a greenhouse during spring, you can plant it outside in May – it is best to harden it off first by putting outside only during the daytime for two weeks before eventually planting out.

— Water-in after planting continue to water regularly when in growth. Allow the soil to become almost dry between watering. Don’t allow the dormant rhizomes to sit in wet soil.

— Cut back stems to 3cm above soil level in autumn just after the first frost. Move containers with Hedychium into a frost-free location for winter. Bulbs planted in borders should be lifted and stored in a cool but frost-free place until the following spring. If you have a sandy, free-draining soil and typically have mild winters, you can leave them outside for winter covered with a thick mulch.

Planting instructions