How to plant Sauromatum

Sauromatum tubers are hardy down to -5C, which means that they can be planted directly outside in spring but may require some frost protection. It is safest to start them off in a cool greenhouse or coldframe in spring to ensure they are kept frost free while young.

— Plant your Sauromatum tubers directly outside between March and May in a fertile, humus-rich but well-drained soil. In colder areas or if cold weather is still likely, start them off in pots in a cool greenhouse or sheltered, covered part of the garden and then plant them out later in the season as potted plants.

— When planting outside, choose a sheltered position in shade or partial shade. If planting in a container, you can use multipurpose compost or soil-based compost.

— Plant the tubers 5-10cm deep with the shoot or side with a bud facing upwards.

— Space the tubers about 15-20cm apart from each other.

— Water-in after planting and keep well hydrated while in growth Don’t allow the bulbs to sit in constantly wet conditions while still dormant and while the weather is still cold.

— You can apply a liquid fertiliser after flowering to replenish the tuber.

— To overwinter the tubers in colder areas, lift in the autumn and allow to dry off in a warm place for a few days, before trimming off any remaining foliage. Then store in in a cool, dark, but frost-free place before replanting the following spring. In mild areas with well-drained soil that does not become waterlogged in the winter, they can be left in the ground with a thick mulch or covering of dry leaves to protect them from frosts.

Planting instructions