How to plant Eremurus


— Plant your Eremurus tubers directly outside from mid to late autumn.

— Choose a sunny spot in a sheltered border with free-draining soil.

— Soak the roots in water for 2-3 hours prior to planting.

— Dig a hole 15-20cm deep for the whole tuber with a peak of light soil, grit, sand or gravel in the centre so that the crown is shallower than the tubers.

— Plant with the crown just below the soil surface with any visible shoots or 'eyes' facing upwards, and the roots angled downwards.

— Space the plants around 15-20cm apart.

— Cover back over with soil and water-in.

— Leave dormant over winter without any additional watering. Foliage will start to emerge the following spring.

Plant calendar

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Gracy says: Eremurus

"The overall effect of eremurus flower spikes is reminiscent of giant bottlebrushes. The racemes burst from low, rosette-like strap-shaped leaves in the early part of summer and flower until mid summer."

Planting instructions