How to plant Habenaria

Habenaria are fairy hardy once established, but are best started off indoors in sheltered, warm conditions to avoid the dormant tuber from sitting in cold, wet conditions. The tubers are naturally small (seed size).

— Plant the tubers into pots in a 50/50 mixture of ericaceous compost and orchid compost, you can also include moss. The tubers should be started off in warm, indoor conditions between March and May.

— Plant the tubers around 1-2cm deep – usually they have a slightly pointed side which should be facing upwards. If this is not visible you can plant it on its side.

— Plant one bulb per 9-12cm pot, or a few bulbs in a larger pot at a spacing of 10-15cm.

— If planting outdoors, choose a sheltered position in partial sun and with free-draining acid soil. It is best to wait until they are in full growth before planting outside. When moving from indoors to outdoors, you will need to acclimatise them to outdoor conditions gradually, by putting them outside during the day, then bringing them in again at night for two weeks before eventually leaving them in their final positions.

Planting instructions