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All about Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’

Tall plants like Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ are not only beautiful, but they’re also incredibly useful for bringing colour and interest at a height, bringing a real sense of fullness to any planting scheme. Even if space in your garden is limited, you can grow wonderfully impressive fritillaries like this. These upright plants make a fantastic impact when grown in big groups in borders, but taking up very little foot-room, they’re also handy for filling spaces in narrow borders or small gardens.

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The 10 Best Spring Flowering Bulbs

Working with top growers in the Netherlands, we’re proud to be able to provide the highest quality Dutch bulbs fresh and direct to you, so all you have to do is plant them in autumn and look forward to a top-notch display next spring! Spring-flowering bulbs are very easy to grow and most varieties are hardy. Here’s our pick of the 10 best bulb types!

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All about Hermodactylus tuberosus (or Iris tuberosa)

Hermodactylus tuberosus, also known as Iris tuberosa or 'Snake’s Head Iris', is an absolute must-have for any iris connoisseur. Subtle in colour but huge in terms of flower form right down to the most minute detail. With reptilian green upper petals (standards) forked at the top like a snake’s tongue and silky black reflexed falls, it’s easy to see how this intriguing Snake’s Head Iris got its name.

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Gorgeous Snowdrops (Galanthus) to Fall in Love With

I’ve always loved Snowdrops, but I recently came across a word I’d never seen before: “Galanthophile”. That’s a lover of snowdrops, of course, and although I know there are enthusiasts for just about every flower under the sun, I never realized that there were people who would class themselves as Galanthophiles!

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Head for the Heights – Grow Tall Flowers!

The best borders in in the world wouldn’t look half as good without being jam-packed full of beautiful flowers all at different heights. Tall flowers play a very important role, towering behind lower-growing varieties and adding that much-needed extra dimension. What’s more, tall-flowering bulbs are often quite narrow in habit, so they add that sought-after fullness without taking up too much foot room. Plus, the closer the flowers are to head-height, the more you can enjoy them!

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