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Crocus Bulbs: Growing and Forcing

It’s easy to see why crocuses are so popular. They bloom early in the spring, and the striking flowers are sure to be every gardener’s delight. But they look so beautiful, that many gardeners may wonder if there’s a catch. Is it difficult to succeed with crocuses? The answer is “No”. Whether you’re growing them in your garden or forcing them for out-of-season bloom, Crocuses are thankful, tough, and enduring. Need to know more? Let’s go into the details so that you can enjoy growing crocuses with confidence! How Crocuses Grow Although we call them bulbs for convenience, the correct term would be “corm”. The plant grows from this bulb-like structure, consuming it entirely. Then, before it enters dormancy, it...

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Turning Your Hyacinths Into Perennial Pleasures

Hyacinths are just superb. The densely-packed spikes of flowers give off a fresh, sweet scent, and when the sun catches the petals, they sparkle as if they’d been covered with diamond dust. But are you getting the best out of your hyacinth bulbs? A lot of people think of them as “one hit wonders” to flower once and then discard. But with a little care, your hyacinths can give you pleasure for years. What’s the Secret to Growing Gorgeous Hyacinths If you’ve ever grown hyacinths before, you’ll know how easy it is to get show-stopping blooms. That’s because the bulbs have been groomed for years to give you their very best – but we’ll see how you can do much...

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A New Look at Tulips with Exclusive Crown Tulips

Part of the fun of growing Tulips is the incredible diversity of flower colours and shapes you can choose between. We have the classic tulips with their typical “tulip-shaped” blooms, and then we have wildly un-tulipish looking shapes like the exotic-looking parrot tulips and the incredible abundance of petals we see in the peony tulips. Now there’s a beautiful range of newcomers on the scene, and they’re ready to grab the crown as being among the most striking of them all! We’re talking about Crown Tulips, which make up a group that’s also known as the “Coronet” group. A Genetic Surprise with an Amazing Result When we think of mutations, we think of science fiction monsters or unfortunate deformities, but...

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Narcissus Tête à Tête: Versatile Perfection

Spring just wouldn’t be the same without Narcissi in flower. When you see them beginning to bloom, you know that the spring really has arrived at last. And when you catch a whiff of that sweet, fresh scent, it really gives your spirits a lift. There are so many gorgeous Narcissus cultivars that choosing between them can be a difficult, though enjoyable task. But, if there is one Narcissus you shouldn’t overlook, it’s the classic Narcissus Tête à Tête. Get Flower Power With Loads of Blooms The charming habit of forming two to three blooms per stem is one of the reasons why Narcissus Tête à Tête has remained so popular over the years. Add to that its vigorous growth and...

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Viridiflora Tulips: How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

While green blooms are relatively common in the plant world, they can be difficult to spot in the garden. But when green combines with other floral colours, it suddenly turns into a striking and unusual feature. That’s just what Viridiflora Tulips do. They come in a veritable rainbow of colours, but they all have one thing in common: green streaks that contrast with the dominant colour of the petals. Botanical Latin can sometimes seem a little unfathomable, but “viridiflora” is fairly simple to interpret. It basically means “green flowers”, but as we’ve just seen, Viridiflora tulip flowers are more exciting than that! Two of Our Favourite Viridiflora Tulips Growing tulips is much easier than you might think. You only need...

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