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Head for the Heights – Grow Tall Flowers!

The best borders in in the world wouldn’t look half as good without being jam-packed full of beautiful flowers all at different heights. Tall flowers play a very important role, towering behind lower-growing varieties and adding that much-needed extra dimension. What’s more, tall-flowering bulbs are often quite narrow in habit, so they add that sought-after fullness without taking up too much foot room. Plus, the closer the flowers are to head-height, the more you can enjoy them!

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The best Tulip Bulbs come from the Netherlands – fact!

If you want a fantastic choice of amazing tulip varieties, you can completely trust the Dutch to come up with the goods. The Netherlands has long been the best place to get hold of the strongest, most healthy bulbs – they certainly don’t mess about when it comes to providing the biggest choice and exceptional quality. The range of colours and flower types available is totally awe-inspiring, not to mention the way these impressive plants seem to effortlessly power through spring and give a display that’s worthy of the finest gardens in the world!

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Grow Eremurus (Foxtail Lilies) for a Stunning Summer

Summer is such a splendid season for flowers that many a beautiful bloom can be overlooked among the flowering profusion – but not the Foxtail Lily or Eremurus! Towering above its lesser neighbours, Eremurus offer both sculptural splendour and colour that ranges from the intense to the delicate depending on the variety you choose.

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Multi-Flowering Tulips: Bouquets of Blooms

More isn’t always better, but when it comes to Tulips, we’re inclined to say that more blooms equate to more impact. Multi-Flowering Tulips give you just that, and the multiple varieties you can choose between make choosing varieties for your garden almost as exciting as seeing them in bloom. Which of these garden beauties is your favourite? Try them all before you decide!

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