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Light up your garden with Tulip 'Fiery Club'

There’s nothing quite like spectacular Tulip ‘Fiery Club’ for turning up the colour volume in the spring garden. Producing several rich crimson blooms from each bulb, plant them in groups and you’ll get a hugely rewarding, powerful, flower-packed display which brings vibrancy and warmth to any border or patio pot planting scheme.

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Dutch Iris: Our New Hybrids are Awesome!

There’s something about Dutch Irises – both from a practical and aesthetic perspective that really get to us. In the practical sense, it’s super that the flower in the otherwise rather colourless interval when spring bulbs have given their last gasp and summer blooms aren’t yet in full swing! They’re also really easy to grow – and no matter how much of a master-gardener you may be, you’ll always be happy to find plants that thank you profusely for minimal attention.

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All about Tulip ‘Nachtwacht’ (Night Watch)

Just like Rembrandt’s famous painting, Tulip ‘Nachtwacht’ (Night Watch) is bold and breathtaking with an air of mystery, drama and darkness about it. The impressive blooms of this luxurious and unique peony-flowered tulip are formed of densely-packed layers of rich-coloured blooms, each petal patterned with brushstroke-like coppery highlights.

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The four most impressive Giant Alliums for your Garden

If the words ‘striking’ and ‘impressive’ appeal to you, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on some giant alliums – they’re simply enormous! Either dot them throughout your borders or plant them in bold groups – any style of planting will provide a fabulous effect which will make the colour in your garden seamlessly flow from spring into summer, with true wow factor.

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Ranunculi! All About Growing Ranunculus Bulbs

The first plants I ever grew in the lead-up to my horticultural career were Ranunculi. I was just a child then, but I’ll never forget the thrill I experienced when the first flowers began to open that spring. It comes back to me every time I see Ranunculi in bloom, but these plants have taken a fresh twist, and these days, you can get colours I never dreamed of back when I was a kid.

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