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Flower Bulbs to grow indoors in Autumn & Winter

Bring the outdoors in with a host of spectacular autumn and winter flowering bulbs which can be enjoyed in your home in a vase or pot. When the weather turns chilly and jobs to do in the garden become fewer, a bit of indoor gardening with indoor flowering bulbs is a satisfying way to keep your fingers green and makes a lovely little winter project. There are various bulbs which you can grow successfully indoors, even without any pre-chilling, preparation or faff. Here are our top three:

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Tap in to the tropical trend with Colocasia!

There is absolutely no doubt that dramatic jungle foliage is all the rage at the moment. But not only are exotic, architectural plants top of the trends, these leafy delights are fabulously splendid in their own right and can be every bit as beautiful and striking as flowers. Colocasias (or ‘Elephant Ears’) are stepping into the spotlight this season!

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All about Hermodactylus tuberosus (or Iris tuberosa)

Hermodactylus tuberosus, also known as Iris tuberosa or 'Snake’s Head Iris', is an absolute must-have for any iris connoisseur. Subtle in colour but huge in terms of flower form right down to the most minute detail. With reptilian green upper petals (standards) forked at the top like a snake’s tongue and silky black reflexed falls, it’s easy to see how this intriguing Snake’s Head Iris got its name.

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Plant Agapanthus for Summer Colour and Structure

Agapanthus is a truly impressive, sun-loving summer bulb which will grace containers or borders with their firework flowers in vivid, yet serene shades from mid-summer onwards every year. They’re very easy to grow, too – simply plant the roots in spring and leave them to it. Before long, the lush linear foliage will begin to emerge and the flowers will follow from August onwards.

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Double the Beauty with Double Begonias

Double-flowered begonias are fantastic container plants that will bring a real zing of colour to your garden whether it’s big or small. Providing twice the flower power of a single variety, the big, bold blooms of double begonias are one of the absolute ‘must-haves’ in any summer container display. Long-flowering and very reliable, they provide high-impact colour that will reward you for months with very little fuss.

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