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Tulip Mania, the “Bubble” Caused by the Love of Flowers

Today, Tulips are prized garden plants – and almost anyone can afford to have them in their gardens. That wasn’t always the case. Indeed, Tulips were once the status symbol coveted by the richest of the rich. Imagine a world where Tulips were worn as the transient jewellery of the wealthiest women; a world where a single bulb had the same value as a luxurious home. We explore the sad history of Tulip Mania – and its happy ending. Rare and Precious Tulips Although he would have been reluctant to take the credit (or the blame) for Tulip mania, the father of the craze was undoubtedly Carolus Clusius an avid botanist with a love for the rare and unusual. During...

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A New Look at Tulips with Exclusive Crown Tulips

Part of the fun of growing Tulips is the incredible diversity of flower colours and shapes you can choose between. We have the classic tulips with their typical “tulip-shaped” blooms, and then we have wildly un-tulipish looking shapes like the exotic-looking parrot tulips and the incredible abundance of petals we see in the peony tulips. Now there’s a beautiful range of newcomers on the scene, and they’re ready to grab the crown as being among the most striking of them all! We’re talking about Crown Tulips, which make up a group that’s also known as the “Coronet” group. A Genetic Surprise with an Amazing Result When we think of mutations, we think of science fiction monsters or unfortunate deformities, but...

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Viridiflora Tulips: How Green Does Your Garden Grow?

While green blooms are relatively common in the plant world, they can be difficult to spot in the garden. But when green combines with other floral colours, it suddenly turns into a striking and unusual feature. That’s just what Viridiflora Tulips do. They come in a veritable rainbow of colours, but they all have one thing in common: green streaks that contrast with the dominant colour of the petals. Botanical Latin can sometimes seem a little unfathomable, but “viridiflora” is fairly simple to interpret. It basically means “green flowers”, but as we’ve just seen, Viridiflora tulip flowers are more exciting than that! Two of Our Favourite Viridiflora Tulips Growing tulips is much easier than you might think. You only need...

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Tulip Gavota and Tulip Slawa - a Story to Tell

Did you think that all the best Tulip hybrids were Dutch? A great many of them are, but the mystery and magic of the Tulip has also intrigued master-growers from other countries. Among the products of patient plant breeding from outside the Netherlands, Tulip Gavota is among the most striking. But something exciting happened to it in The Netherlands. Read on for the full story. Czech it Out! The names Gavota and Slawa may already have given you a hint: they come from the Czech Republic! But Gavota is the one that comes directly from that country, while Slawa’s story has a twist in the tale. We’ll keep you in suspense a little longer for that! If the idea of...

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Tulip Queen of Night: Garden Royalty

Tulips have come a long way from being just a handful of species introduced into Europe from central Asia. Selective breeding and incredible genetic diversity have led to a rainbow of colours and flower forms. But although all but a few specialists can claim to know all the varieties that have sprung from these humble beginnings, certain varieties are universally recognized as being among the most remarkable flowers ever. Of these, Tulip Queen of Night is the name that’s on everybody’s lips. Tulip Queen of Night graces top ten lists across the internet, features in almost every article written about tulips and has inspired hundreds of paintings and thousands of photographs. Is it new? Is this tulip really black? The answer...

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