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Gorgeous Snowdrops (Galanthus) to Fall in Love With

I’ve always loved Snowdrops, but I recently came across a word I’d never seen before: “Galanthophile”. That’s a lover of snowdrops, of course, and although I know there are enthusiasts for just about every flower under the sun, I never realized that there were people who would class themselves as Galanthophiles!

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The four most impressive Giant Alliums for your Garden

If the words ‘striking’ and ‘impressive’ appeal to you, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on some giant alliums – they’re simply enormous! Either dot them throughout your borders or plant them in bold groups – any style of planting will provide a fabulous effect which will make the colour in your garden seamlessly flow from spring into summer, with true wow factor.

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Camassia: A Favourite with UK Gardeners in the Know

I’ll never forget the first time I saw a mass of Camassia in bloom. It was true-blue love at first sight. I went all starry-eyed. Then acquisitiveness kicked in: “I’ve got to have this!” Nowadays, they’re a gardening staple as far as I’m concerned. Camassias start flowering just as your tulips are giving the last of their best. But it’s not just their habit of blooming in April or May when your garden’s about to take a breather between spring and summer that makes them so popular. If they flowered in the hectic, colour-filled days of early spring, I’d still make room in my garden for them. I’m guessing you would too. Camassias are still something of a niche for...

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Bearded Iris: Strong & Versatile Summer Garden Classic

Versatile bearded irises are perfectly at home in most sunny borders, providing classic cottage-garden charm, and sit just as comfortably within a contemporary planting scheme. One of the best things about bearded iris is their resilience and strong garden performance – their ability to withstand freezing winter temperatures as well as very hot conditions and drought in the summer. Despite their grand, exotic-looking flowers, these non-fussy plants are fully hardy, meaning they can live in your garden for a very long time, repeating their beautiful display in early summer year after year.

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Narcissus Tête à Tête: Versatile Perfection

Spring just wouldn’t be the same without Narcissi in flower. When you see them beginning to bloom, you know that the spring really has arrived at last. And when you catch a whiff of that sweet, fresh scent, it really gives your spirits a lift. There are so many gorgeous Narcissus cultivars that choosing between them can be a difficult, though enjoyable task. But, if there is one Narcissus you shouldn’t overlook, it’s the classic Narcissus Tête à Tête. Get Flower Power With Loads of Blooms The charming habit of forming two to three blooms per stem is one of the reasons why Narcissus Tête à Tête has remained so popular over the years. Add to that its vigorous growth and...

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