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The Best Dahlias for Cut Flowers

Dahlias are one of the best garden plants for growing for use as cut flowers. Not only to they have an outstanding vase life, but they provide a season-long supply of spectacular blooms from mid summer right through to the first frosts. You can cut them regularly to enjoy in the home – the more you pick, the more they keep coming!

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Collarette Dahlias – Impressively Collared Blooms

Collarette dahlias produce big, impressive blooms with a central ruffled collar, surrounded by large contrasting petals. Growing to a compact height of around 60cm, they’re a great choice if you have a small garden or just containers on a patio or balcony. With their striking blooms, they put on a great show of colour all on their own and will be a great highlight in any display.

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Bishop Dahlias: Aztec Drama Meets English Garden

We have a passion for Dahlias. So much so, that they might be more easily associated with summer in England than with their real origins. The truth is that Dahlias are among the first ornamental plants to be 'improved' or hybridized, and just how long ago this started would be hard to pin down. It all began with the Aztecs. Spanish conquistadors reported that they not only cultivated edible plants, but loved their flower gardens. Everybody, from the riches to the poorest, would have a space dedicated to flower-growing, and the Dahlia had a very special place here. By this time, the Aztecs had already begun to breed Dahlias selectively, creating varieties that were distinctively different to their wild ancestors....

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Dahlia Days: A guide through the world of dahlias

The dahlia has come a long way since the first plants arrived in Europe from Mexico, back in the 1700s. Initially, the tubers were regarded as a new type of vegetable, but it was quickly noticed that the small flowers were both attractive and easily hybridised. The challenge was then taken up by generations of gardeners and commercial growers, to make ever better flowering plants in a range of shapes, sizes and virtually every colour except the elusive true blue.

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