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Plants to create your own Japanese garden

Japanese gardens are designed to be tranquil, serene and relaxing spaces using a combination of flowering plants, simple ornamental features, water and clear spaces. With a neat and tidy look, the Japanese plants style is a popular choice for people with busy lives who need their outside space to be low maintenance, but also pleasingly beautiful and with plenty of summer interest to soak in on warm, sunny days! If space is limited in your garden, or you have a courtyard space, a Japanese planting scheme works really well. Often defined by paved, gravel areas or mossy areas, traditional Japanese flowering plants can be neatly spaced out in containers or small beds among decorative water features or structures. Ornamental trees...

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Cannas! All about Canna Rhizomes

Whether you love to fully immerse yourself in jungle-style surroundings with plenty of foliage and eye-catching blasts of bold, bright colour, or prefer to mix up traditional planting schemes with hints of exotic charm, lush and leafy Cannas are a well-rounded and easy-to-grow candidate that will really pack a punch in a sunny spot!

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What You Need to Know About Kniphofias

Let’s not get this wrong. Although they’re not exactly scarce, just knowing about Kniphofias, also called Red Hot Pokers, puts you ahead of other gardeners. After all, as striking as these late-summer-flowering marvels may be, they’re not famed in story or song. At a guess, their rather unpoetic name is more likely to be responsible for this omission than the plants themselves, but it’s too late to ask Wordsworth why he doesn’t seem to have been a Kniphofia fancier!

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About the Grower: Canna Farm Van Haaster ('De Groeneweg' Nursery)

Around July, the fields of Canna Farm Van Haaster (or De Groeneweg Nursery) in De Zilk, the Netherlands is coloured in warm earth tones, red, yellow, orange, salmon and pink. On the sandy soils of the Dutch flower bulb district, Alfons and Monique van Haaster grow world class cannas of unrivaled quality. Alfons grew up in a traditional flower bulb nursery family and has been practicing his passion for cannas for over 30 years. He is one of very few growers in the Netherlands who is specialised in cultivating cannas!

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