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Growing Paperwhite Narcissi: A Worldwide Favourite

Fashions may come and go, but Paperwhite Narcissus will never lose popularity. The reasons are easy to find. Few plants are as rewarding and as easy to grow, and few flowers have a lovelier scent or prettier blooms. They’re versatile too. Whether you choose them for winter forcing for an early taste of spring, plant them in containers, or allow them to naturalise in your garden, success is almost a certainty. In this article, we’ll look at some tips and tricks that will get you launched into growing paperwhites like a master gardener. Admittedly, there is very little you can do wrong with these plants, but we hope you’ll find some creative inspirations that will either give you fresh ideas...

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Amaryllis: The Bulb That Keeps Giving For up to 75 Years

Huge blooms, sparkling petals, a wide range of exciting colours – it’s easy to fall in love with Amaryllis. But few gardeners know just how durable these fabulous bulbous plants can be. According to the University of Minnesota, they have been known to keep blooming reliably for over 75 years! Best of all, you don’t need any special gardening skills. A little know-how, and you’ll get years of pleasure from a single Amaryllis bulb. Chances are, however, that you won’t be satisfied with just one plant. After all, apart from the classic red, there are virginal whites, peachy pinks, bright apricot blooms, rich rose shades, bicolours, and more. There are even some very special double varieties with more than their...

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