All about Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’

Tall plants like Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ are not only beautiful, but they’re also incredibly useful for bringing colour and interest at a height, bringing a real sense of fullness to any planting scheme. Even if space in your garden is limited, you can grow wonderfully impressive fritillaries like this. These upright plants make a fantastic impact when grown in big groups in borders, but taking up very little foot-room, they’re also handy for filling spaces in narrow borders or small gardens.

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Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells

Emerging in spring with a tall stem surrounded by dense upright foliage, their linear structure creates an extended season of interest with a welcome burst of lush leafiness and texture. From around April, flower spikes adorned with nodding, bell-like pale green blooms provide an elegant and long-lasting display which provides a subtle contrast that just sets off any colour scheme.

These versatile, hardy bulbs are ideal for growing in sunny borders - plant them with tulips or contrasting fritillaries and you’ll be in for a real treat! Whether your style is simplistic and contemporary, or you like a bright mix or country cottage-garden look, an uncomplicated variety like Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ will fit right in. Not only do these stately heroes look fabulous, tall and impressive in the garden, but you can also use their long flower spikes to create amazing-looking indoor flower arrangements too.

Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells bulbs

How to grow Fritillaria persica 'Ivory Bells'

  • Choose a suitable location in a border with free-draining soil and which receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day.
  • Fritillaria grow from bulbs which look like onions. Dig a hole 2-3 times as deep as the bulb is high and position one bulb in each hole with the pointed side facing upwards, then cover back over with soil.
  • For best results, plant Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ in groups or swathes running through the border. Space the bulbs at approximately 15-20cm apart from each other.
  • Once plants, allow the bulbs to sit dormant in the soil throughout winter. They will begin to emerge from around mid-March the following spring.
  • After flowering has ended, wait until the leaves and stem turn yellow, after which it can be cut off at the base.
  • The bulbs can remain dormant in the soil throughout summer and will begin to grow again the following spring.
  • If you want to reposition your bulbs, you can dig them up in late summer and re-plant them straight away.

Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells

Fritillaria persica 'Ivory Bells' in brief

  • Grown from bulbs, plant in autumn
  • Flowers during spring
  • Ideal for borders
  • Excellent as cut flowers
  • Thrives in full sun
  • Fully hardy
  • Easy to grow, perfect for beginners
  • Grows to 75-90 tall

Fritillaria persica Ivory Bells

What to plant with Fritillaria persica 'Ivory Bells'

Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ are a striking and impressive plant in their own right and can be used to make a bold statement or as a centrepiece in the garden. But when planted among other varieties of contrasting shapes and colours, you can make something really special indeed. When choosing planting partners, it’s important to consider flowering times, height and structure. Here are our three favourite planting partners for Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ for a truly harmonious combination:

Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’

Growing to a height of around 45-50cm, Tulip ‘Fiery Club’ flowers at the same time at Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ and will provide a stark contrast with its glowing magenta blooms which will form a bright blanket of colour just below the taller fritillaries. The tulips can be interplanted between the fritillaries, or if you have a wide border, you can plant a bold group of them in front.

Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’

Both growing with the same upright habit and tall flower spikes, the dark purple, almost black blooms of Fritillaria persica ‘Twin Towers Tribute’ are the perfect lowlight for interplanting with your Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’. Flowering in unison, the two subtle tones will complement each other to bring a truly harmonious and sophisticated display to the garden. These two also make great partners in indoor flower arrangements and have an exceptional vase life.

Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’

The two-tone green and purple blooms of Tulip ‘Night Rider’ accent the green flowers of Fritillaria persica ‘Ivory Bells’ as well as adding a subtle splash of colour. Reaching a height of around 35-40cm, the tulips are perfect for providing a dense underplanting and contrasting structure among the fritillaries when interplanted with them, but you can also plant them in neighbouring swathes for a more formal look. Both the tulips and fritillaries have long-lasting flowers and put on a rewarding display between April and May.

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