Astrantia 'Capri'
Astrantia 'Capri'
Astrantia 'Capri'
Astrantia 'Capri'
Astrantia 'Capri'

Astrantia 'Capri'

"Pink masterwort"

Astrantia 'Capri'

1 bare root — £6.95

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Whether you’re already an Astrantia fan or you’re new to plants and wondering what to grow, Astrantia 'Capri' is worthy of a space on your patch. This lovely purple-flowered Masterwort is new on the scene, notable for its unusual colour, large flowers and ability to rebloom when deadheaded so you can enjoy a summer-long show. Even better, it’s unfussy and undemanding—in true Astrantia style, it’ll grow in most places. If you’re looking for great cutting material for indoor arrangements, Astrantia 'Capri' flowers are long lasting, beautiful and long stemmed—these purple pickings will pad out your posies nicely.

Astrantias are perfect for growing in borders or large containers, they’re fully hardy perennials so you can look forward to seeing them grow back every year and each time they’ll be bigger and better. Astrantia 'Capri' can reach up to around 70cm tall once established so it suits a position towards the middle of a wide border or the back of a narrow one. Masterwort grows happily in sun or partial shade, and most soil types including clay and sand!

Astrantia 'Capri' struts into the garden scene like a couture model at an exclusive Italian fashion show, where the runway is a meticulously cultivated flowerbed and the paparazzi are eager bees and wide-eyed garden enthusiasts. The 'Capri' in its name isn't just a nod to a picturesque Italian escape; it's a teaser of the holiday for the senses that this plant embodies. With a bouquet of delicate pincushion flowers, each styled as if they've been artfully dipped in soft hues of pinks and greens, Astrantia major 'Capri' is the subtle whisper of elegance that turns heads without trying. It's like the plant world's incarnation of a timeless pearl necklace—undeniably classy, endearingly versatile, and forever in vogue.

Master of mingling in the border or stealing the show in a woodland setting, Astrantia 'Capri' plays the part of the garden's socialite who knows just how to flaunt understated sophistication. Never one to be demanding, Astrantia 'Capri' sips modestly on water, preferring the refreshment of good, moist soil over the draining demands of spotlight antics. But don't be fooled by its demure charm; this celestial beauty is tougher than it looks. It faces down pests and disease with the grace of a seasoned duelist—making it clear that although it might shimmer like a star, it's got the grit of a gladiator. In short, Astrantia major 'Capri' is the botanical equivalent of a cherished Italian masterpiece; a timeless addition to any garden gala.

Key features

  • Good for cutting

  • Comes back every year

  • Attractive to wildlife

  • Loved by pollinators

  • Thrives well in full sun

  • Great for shade

  • In peat-free compost

  • Fully hardy

  • Rodent resistant

Specs & details

  • Botanical name

    Astrantia major 'Capri'

  • Flower colour


  • Plant size


  • Established height


  • Established spread


  • Plant spacing

    16 plants per m2

  • Leaf colour


  • Habit


  • Life cycle


  • Hardiness

    Fully hardy

  • Years to establish

    3-4 years

  • Sunlight

    Full sun
    Partial shade
    Dappled shade

  • Position


  • Suitable for

    Wildlife gardens
    Cottage gardens
    Cut flower gardens

  • Soil acidity


  • Soil moisture

    Free draining

  • Soil type

    Multipurpose compost

  • Growing skill

    Easy to grow

  • Scented


  • Pollinator-friendly


  • Mouse resistant


  • Rabbit resistant


  • Deer resistant


  • Toxicity

    No report

Plant calendar

  • Planting
  • Flowering

Useful information

    • Soak the Astrantia 'Capri' roots in water for 3-6 hours prior to planting

    • Plant your "Pink masterwort" bare roots into temporary pots with a multipurpose compost in spring and grow-on in a sheltered spot outdoors

    • Choose a pot which comfortably fits the bare roots. Some have a noticeable crown which should be just below the soil surface with any top growth exposed. Some varieties are a length of root which should be planted lengthways and shallowly (1-2cm deep).

    • Plant out into borders or permanent containers in late spring or early summer once in full growth. Choose a position in sun or shade depending on the variety.

    Read all planting & care instructions

  • Orders placed until 29 February 2025
    You can expect your order in February/March 2025

    Orders placed 1 March - 15 April 2025
    You can expect your order in March/April 2025

    Orders placed 16 April - 15 May 2025
    You can expect your order within 10 business days

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