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Selaginella Rose of Jericho
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SIZE 12-15 cm

Perfect for pots

Hand packed in paper bags

Tender, move indoors
for winter

Can be grown as a houseplant

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Rose of Jericho, Dinosaur Plant, or Resurrection Plant (Selaginella lepidophylla) is one of the most intriguing plants on the planet. Watch it transform from a shriveled mass of foliage into a beautifully spreading moss within hours. Put in the cupboard in a wilted condition for years, and it still does its party trick. But we’re willing to bet you’ll find the fern-like foliage so pretty that you’ll be eagerly misting it down to keep it fresh. Plant it on the surface (it doesn’t have anchoring roots) of a pot with well-drained media, or grow it as an epiphyte or air plant. It’s a real collectors’ item, and this unusual moss from Central America can be seen as a 'living fossil'. We just received a fresh stock of Rose of Jericho all the way from the deserts of Mexico!

The world's only Living Fossil
Rose of Jericho is a real collectors’ item, and this unusual moss from Central America can be seen as a living fossil! Watch this amazing animation of a reviving Rose of Jericho, taken in the first 3 hours after giving it some water!

Source: Wikipedia

Green / brown


10-20 cm / 4-8"

Planting season:

All Year

Flowering time:

All Year

Botanical name:

selaginella lepidophylla

Light requirements:

Partial shade / full sun





Critter resistant:


  • Position your plant in a shallow, water-tight dish or tray
  • Poor water onto the centre of the plant until soaked
  • Allow the plant to sit in about 3cm of water in the dish
  • Change the water in the tray frequently
  • Allow water in the dish to dry out every few weeks

    Read more in our planting guide

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