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Light up your garden with Tulip 'Fiery Club'

There’s nothing quite like spectacular Tulip ‘Fiery Club’ for turning up the colour volume in the spring garden. Producing several rich crimson blooms from each bulb, plant them in groups and you’ll get a hugely rewarding, powerful, flower-packed display which brings vibrancy and warmth to any border or patio pot planting scheme.

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All about Tulip ‘Nachtwacht’ (Night Watch)

Just like Rembrandt’s famous painting, Tulip ‘Nachtwacht’ (Night Watch) is bold and breathtaking with an air of mystery, drama and darkness about it. The impressive blooms of this luxurious and unique peony-flowered tulip are formed of densely-packed layers of rich-coloured blooms, each petal patterned with brushstroke-like coppery highlights.

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The 10 Best Spring Flowering Bulbs

Working with top growers in the Netherlands, we’re proud to be able to provide the highest quality Dutch bulbs fresh and direct to you, so all you have to do is plant them in autumn and look forward to a top-notch display next spring! Spring-flowering bulbs are very easy to grow and most varieties are hardy. Here’s our pick of the 10 best bulb types!

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The best Tulip Bulbs come from the Netherlands – fact!

If you want a fantastic choice of amazing tulip varieties, you can completely trust the Dutch to come up with the goods. The Netherlands has long been the best place to get hold of the strongest, most healthy bulbs – they certainly don’t mess about when it comes to providing the biggest choice and exceptional quality. The range of colours and flower types available is totally awe-inspiring, not to mention the way these impressive plants seem to effortlessly power through spring and give a display that’s worthy of the finest gardens in the world!

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Multi-Flowering Tulips: Bouquets of Blooms

More isn’t always better, but when it comes to Tulips, we’re inclined to say that more blooms equate to more impact. Multi-Flowering Tulips give you just that, and the multiple varieties you can choose between make choosing varieties for your garden almost as exciting as seeing them in bloom. Which of these garden beauties is your favourite? Try them all before you decide!

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