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Double the Beauty with Double Begonias

Double-flowered begonias are fantastic container plants that will bring a real zing of colour to your garden whether it’s big or small. Providing twice the flower power of a single variety, the big, bold blooms of double begonias are one of the absolute ‘must-haves’ in any summer container display. Long-flowering and very reliable, they provide high-impact colour that will reward you for months with very little fuss.

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12 Best Plants to Create a Cottage Garden Look

There’s nothing more quintessential and idyllic than a traditional chocolate box cottage garden, and creating one is easier than you might think. Whether you have large borders, a patio or even just balcony, you can get this popular look on a big or small scale by filling all plantable spaces with a great mix of floriferous varieties, planting them close and, above all, opting for lots and lots of colour.

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Begonia Switzerland: Near-Black Leaves & Deep Red Blooms

The near-black, glossy foliage of Begonia ‘Switzerland’ is a spectacle on its own, providing a rich display from the start of the season. But the show really starts when the masses of vibrant red double blooms emerge in early summer. Plant them in pots, tubs or hanging baskets and they’ll reward you with a magnificent display from early summer right through to the first frosts.

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Fragrant Begonias for Scented Hanging Baskets

If you fancy showing off big, impressive and scented hanging baskets this summer, look no further. Fragrant Begonias are definitely one for the shopping list! These unique varieties have wonderfully scented flowers, which isn’t usually associated with begonias. Each plant produces masses of large, double blooms continuously throughout summer, with long stems that tumble elegantly out of pots, baskets or window boxes!

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