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Best Plants for Small Gardens and Pots

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your patio for summer, turn a balcony or courtyard into a lush little oasis, or even just plant up a window box, there’s potential to create a beautiful, colourful display whether your outside space is big or small. Spring is the best time to plant summer-flowering bulbs and compact perennials in pots, giving them time to settle so that they establish into strong, healthy plants in summer.

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Top 10 Summer Flowering Bulbs to Plant in Spring

Summer-flowering bulbs provide some of the biggest, best and most exotic-looking blooms, and spring is the best time to plant them. Not only do they look fabulous growing in borders or containers, but many make wonderful cut flowers too, so you can also enjoy freshly-picked blooms in your home. You’ll often find these beauties ready-grown and in full bloom at the garden centre during summer, but this is the most expensive way to buy them. With a small amount of early planning you can easily grow them yourself, setting your garden up to be a colourful oasis at a fraction of the price. So, if you’re itching to get out in the garden or even just to start planning your...

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Gracious as Sunshine: All About Lily Bulbs

By Natalie Ashbee Love, birth, death: the many reasons we give and receive Lilies; a flower that has starred in both history and legend. A vase full of fragrant lilies has the power to transport us to exotic climes, warm beaches and tropical rainforests. Lilies have long-enjoyed a heady relationship with both gardeners and florists alike and are high on the wish list for brides’ bouquets whilst globally being one of the most popular flowers to have in our homes. But how many of us have tried to grow these beauties ourselves? Readily available as Lily bulbs from growers such as a Farmer Gracy, Lilies are easy to grow, whether we have acres of garden or the smallest of balconies....

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