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Naturalising: A more holistic way of viewing your garden

By Cheryl Cummings The short dreary days of mid winter seem to offer little to temp us out into the garden and away from the fireside pleasures of armchair shopping for summer colour. We are seduced by photographs of captivating flowering bulb combinations, colour is the element of our gardens which we miss most during this predominantly brown season, but there is a lot more to the vibrant flowers we love than their colour alone. Out of sight, out of mind? While we are inside bemoaning the lack of light and sunshine, outside in our gardens the earth’s natural processes are carrying on as normal. Out of sight, out of mind and underground things are stirring and if we were...

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Dahlia Days: A guide through the world of dahlias

The dahlia has come a long way since the first plants arrived in Europe from Mexico, back in the 1700s. Initially, the tubers were regarded as a new type of vegetable, but it was quickly noticed that the small flowers were both attractive and easily hybridised. The challenge was then taken up by generations of gardeners and commercial growers, to make ever better flowering plants in a range of shapes, sizes and virtually every colour except the elusive true blue.

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Rose of Jericho (Resurrection Plant): Steeped in Legend

All plant collectors and keen gardeners like a plant with a special story, and few plants have a story as special as the Rose of Jericho. Its natural growth-cycle alone is intriguing, and this is what led to the many beliefs and superstitions which surround this intriguing plant. Buy your Rose of Jericho here in our webshop How it grows in nature The Resurrection Plant grows in dry deserts where it is perfectly adapted to survive, even when there is no water available for years at a stretch. It curls in on itself, forming a little tumbleweed-like ball of vegetation in which it protects itself until the rains come. It blows around the desert freely, opening its fronds when the...

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Planting flower bulbs with children: their unforgettable moments of sheer magic

Children love gardening, and it’s not just the fact that they’re allowed to get dirty. They become intrigued with the process by which plants grow. They learn about nature, and the ways in which birds and insects interact with plants. They wear off some of their excess energy and fall asleep dreaming of fantasy flowers growing from 'their' flower bulbs. There’s just one problem. Set them up for a gardening failure, and that may be the last time they venture out to plant flowers. The effect can be devastating. I speak from personal experience! Set them up for success Although kids adore gardening, they aren’t exactly reliable about caring for plants. Have you ever told one of your children they...

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Planting bulbs for stress relief

It’s a scientifically proven fact that gardening and planting flower bulbs is a wonderful therapy for stress. What can you do in the garden in autumn? Most people see their gardens as being in the process of falling asleep for the winter. But if you don’t garden in autumn, you won’t have wonderful spring-flowering bulbs, so be sure not to miss out. Reading or gardening, which is the most relaxing Returning to the therapeutic effects of planting and gardening, a study conducted in the Netherlands produced interesting results. All the study participants were subjected to a stressful activity. Afterwards, half the group were told to relax with a good book while the other half were sent outdoors to do some...

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