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Growing Callas for Pots vs Calla Cut Flower Production

Callas are versatile and can be used for both potted color production and cut flower production. However, there are several differences in how they would be selected and grown depending on the ultimate market you are pitching for. We take a closer look at the world of commercial Calla (Zantedeschia) production. Calla Types Calla types are classified based on their parentage and temperature preferences. The deciduous types were bred from deciduous species such as Zantedeschia elliottana, Z. albomaculata, Z. pentlandii and Z. rhemannii. These are the typically brightly coloured varieties most growers think of as Callas, and they are warm-season plants. They are suited to both pot and cut flower production. Zantedeschia aetiopica is a cool-season calla species with tall...

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Anemones! All About Anemone Bulbs

The anemone genus comprises 200 or more flower species. They all belong to the ranunculus or Ranunculaceae family. Wild anemones grow throughout most parts of the Northern Hemisphere. As a genus, anemones are prevalent throughout much of the world, including Asia, Europe, Japan, and North America. The fact that native habitats are spread out throughout a large part of the globe complicates botanists’ efforts to find their exact origin.

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Glad to have 'em in your garden: All about Gladioli Corms

It was not all that long ago that gladioli were considered old fashioned, and something the Dame Edna would throw into her audiences – and little else. However, rather like the dahlia, in the past few years gladioli have been elevated to the hot spot. A new generation of gardeners are appreciating and valuing them for their colourful flower spikes, which are especially useful for cutting and bringing indoors, and for creating the trendy ‘tropical look’ to beds and borders.

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Peonies! All about Peony Bare Roots

There are essentially four different types of peony. Keen gardeners may wish to grow some of the wild species, though they are not usually the ones from which the dramatically colourful varieties are derived. There are also woody tree peonies, which have bare winter stems and are better suited to mid-way or the backs of borders. There are also hybrids, that are a cross between the tree peonies and the herbaceous types, which are becoming more popular (see the variety ‘Yellow Crown’, below).

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Calling all Calla Lilies!

The last quarter of a century has seen an explosion in the breeding of calla lilies – tender forms of Zantedeschia. Like most gardeners over the age of 30, the first zantedeschia I ever encountered was the hardy arum lily, Z. aethiopica. It’s a beautiful, lush, white-flowered perennial that likes to have its roots in moist soil. There are several forms of it, with varying amounts of green and pink in the flowers, and with plants in varying degrees of hardiness. But essentially they are all the same.

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