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Tulip Queen of Night: Garden Royalty

Tulips have come a long way from being just a handful of species introduced into Europe from central Asia. Selective breeding and incredible genetic diversity have led to a rainbow of colours and flower forms. But although all but a few specialists can claim to know all the varieties that have sprung from these humble beginnings, certain varieties are universally recognized as being among the most remarkable flowers ever. Of these, Tulip Queen of Night is the name that’s on everybody’s lips. Tulip Queen of Night graces top ten lists across the internet, features in almost every article written about tulips and has inspired hundreds of paintings and thousands of photographs. Is it new? Is this tulip really black? The answer...

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Black and Near-black blooms for lovers of the unusual

You’re daring, you’re different and you love distinctive touches that make your garden stand out from the crowd. Simply gardening with bulbs already brings an element of that into the equation, but if you want show-stoppers that aren’t to be found in most bulb catalogues, the “Elite Bulbs” section of Farmer Gracy’s website is for you! Tulip Queen of Night Today, we’ll take a closer look at some truly unusual black flower bulbs and near-black elite bulbs that are sure to add drama to your garden. Remember to combine them with lights or brights that will really throw them into prominence. Contrast is king when you want to show off blooms such as these. Ideally, you won’t want to mix...

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