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Best Plants for Small Gardens and Pots

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your patio for summer, turn a balcony or courtyard into a lush little oasis, or even just plant up a window box, there’s potential to create a beautiful, colourful display whether your outside space is big or small. Spring is the best time to plant summer-flowering bulbs and compact perennials in pots, giving them time to settle so that they establish into strong, healthy plants in summer.

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Nerines! All about Nerine Bulbs

Late-flowering nerines are easy to grow and highly rewarding. Each bulb produces multiple long, slender stems topped with large rounded clusters of exquisite lily-like flowers, injecting much-needed fresh colour into the garden just as other flowers are starting to fade. Spring is the best time to plant nerine bulbs. Most are fully hardy, so once you’ve planted them you don’t have to worry about moving them to a frost-free place for winter unless the temperatures are likely to dip below -10C. Otherwise, you can just look forward to a fuss-free and vibrant display in autumn, year after year.  

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Growing Paperwhite Narcissi: A Worldwide Favourite

Fashions may come and go, but Paperwhite Narcissus will never lose popularity. The reasons are easy to find. Few plants are as rewarding and as easy to grow, and few flowers have a lovelier scent or prettier blooms. They’re versatile too. Whether you choose them for winter forcing for an early taste of spring, plant them in containers, or allow them to naturalise in your garden, success is almost a certainty. In this article, we’ll look at some tips and tricks that will get you launched into growing paperwhites like a master gardener. Admittedly, there is very little you can do wrong with these plants, but we hope you’ll find some creative inspirations that will either give you fresh ideas...

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A New Look at Tulips with Exclusive Crown Tulips

Part of the fun of growing Tulips is the incredible diversity of flower colours and shapes you can choose between. We have the classic tulips with their typical “tulip-shaped” blooms, and then we have wildly un-tulipish looking shapes like the exotic-looking parrot tulips and the incredible abundance of petals we see in the peony tulips. Now there’s a beautiful range of newcomers on the scene, and they’re ready to grab the crown as being among the most striking of them all! We’re talking about Crown Tulips, which make up a group that’s also known as the “Coronet” group. A Genetic Surprise with an Amazing Result When we think of mutations, we think of science fiction monsters or unfortunate deformities, but...

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Planting flower bulbs with children: their unforgettable moments of sheer magic

Children love gardening, and it’s not just the fact that they’re allowed to get dirty. They become intrigued with the process by which plants grow. They learn about nature, and the ways in which birds and insects interact with plants. They wear off some of their excess energy and fall asleep dreaming of fantasy flowers growing from 'their' flower bulbs. There’s just one problem. Set them up for a gardening failure, and that may be the last time they venture out to plant flowers. The effect can be devastating. I speak from personal experience! Set them up for success Although kids adore gardening, they aren’t exactly reliable about caring for plants. Have you ever told one of your children they...

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